STRATFORD -- A family who lost nearly everything in a house fire is getting support from the Stratford community in the form of hundreds of donated clothing items, essentials, and food.

Dozens of people came to the Guelph Street address on Monday to drop off supplies after the fire tore through the home early on Sunday.

“It was a traumatic event without any doubt,” said Joey Marchand, who is recovering at the hospital with his three kids.

He adds that his wife suffered a broken ankle, but had a successful surgery.

Some of the people dropping off the items told CTV News they don’t know the Marchands, but heard the call from close friends of the family on social media, and want to make sure they’re well taken care of.

“We wanted to do everything we could,” said neighbour Rob Miller. “Just pour out and show support for them at this very difficult time.

“They’re super honest, caring, and loving people, just amazing parents.”

Rob’s daughter, nine-year-old Maddie, made sure to leave an extra special gift of a stuffed bunny for her best friend.

“Me and my family are praying for you guys,” she said.

The fundraiser was organized by family friends who posted items they would need on Facebook, like games, money, gift cards, blankets, pillows, bedding, tablets, and cell phones.

“This whole community pulled right through,” said organizer Julia Bariner. “The people who live in Stratford are amazing.”

Organizers say they’ve been contacted by contractors who are willing to rebuilding the house and caterers offering to drop off a turkey dinner for Thanksgiving.

These organizers also add that they’re asking the community to hold off on donations for now, as they’re overwhelmed with items, but are still accepting gift cards at 79 Guelph Street drop off.

The Marchands say they are incredibly grateful for the support they’ve received so far.