KITCHENER -- The average homeowner in Stratford can expect to pay just about $53 more in taxes following the approval of a new budget.

City council passed its 2021 operating and capital budget on Monday with a total tax levy of $63.5 million.

This is up 2.02 per cent from the previous year.

Factoring in the estimated tax revenue from 2020, the adjusted levy increase is 1.33 per cent, according to officials.

Stratford's capital expenses for the year, which include costs in such areas as roads, sewers, and buildings, came in at $65.4 million.

Meanwhile, the operation expenses, that cover aspects like salaries, materials, and supplies, was pegged at $128.3 million.

City officials determined that the average homeowner, who would see the $52.92 tax increase, is someone with a single-family detached home valued at $309,501.