A long-time staple in St. Jacobs is changing hands.

The Stone Crock Restaurant was purchased by the Fat Sparrow group of restaurants, which is made up of Harmony Lunch, Taco Farm, Nic and Nat’s Uptown 21 and Marbles.

The deal closed on Wednesday.

The Shantz family has run the iconic restaurant for more than four decades.

“Of course it’s bittersweet. I have memories of painting this restaurant when I was 12 years old with my dad and my sister,” said Sandra Shantz.

“There’s been some tears, not going to lie about that, but happy tears, mostly happy tears.”

Shantz, who has been overseeing the business since the 90s, said she would be staying on with Fat Sparrow Group.

The new owners said that Stone Crock staff

Nick Benninger with Fat Sparrow Group says they will keep Stone Crock the way it is for the most part, but not without adding their own charm.

“If you know me and you know the food that we love to create, you’ll probably start to recognize it in those places, but we don’t intend to strip away what makes those places special,” Benninger said.

Changes are expected in the new year, but until then, the restaurant will be business as usual.