GUELPH - Police say safe-cracking gear and soy sauce were just some of the tools a Guelph man used while allegedly vandalizing a local business earlier this year.

They say the vandalism took place on Sept. 18 after the business closed for the day.

Investigators allege the man hid inside a bathroom until staff went home, then emerged with a bag of break-and-enter tools which he used to open a safe containing more than $2,000.

They allege he then proceeded to cause roughly $100,000 worth of damage to the business, partially by pouring soy sauce over multiple electronics.

They say he also damaged ceiling tiles, walls and venting.

Police say some of the man's actions were captured on surveillance video and he is now facing multiple, unspecified charges.

On Friday, Guelph police say the same suspect stole about $460-worth of energy drinks from a store on Eramosa Road.

He's since been charged with resisting arrest, weapons dangerous, mischief under and breach of probation.

This article by the Canadian Press was first published on Nov. 23, 2019.