As the investigation into a pool of human blood found near the Grand River in Brantford continues, police say they want to hear from anyone who was in the area Sunday or Monday.

The blood was discovered by hikers under an old train bridge south of the Lorne Bridge, not far from Fordview Trail.

“It’s definitely an isolated area,” said Const. Natalie Laing.

“Someone had to have walked down a small hill area in order to get underneath the bridge.”

Investigators believe the blood had been under the bridge for less than 24 hours before it was discovered, around 1 p.m. Monday.

As a result, they want to hear from anyone who was in the area during that timeframe.

“We’re estimating approximately half a litre of blood, and it did appear that the blood was fresh,” said Laing.

What has police particularly puzzled is the lack of any blood aside from the main pool and a small amount of splatter.

“There wasn’t a trail of blood or anything leading to or away from the area,” said Laing.

Also not visible at the site was any sign of a struggle.

Police scoured the area on foot and with a K-9 unit, and firefighters were brought in to search the river, but none of those efforts yielded any clues.