Another chapter in Waterloo’s St. Patrick’s Day tradition was written Tuesday, with an estimated 7,000 people revelling either on Ezra Avenue or at a tent party on nearby Seagram Drive.

Although no major public safety incidents were reported, Waterloo Regional Police said they shut down a number of parties over the course of the day.

One of the first of those was at Joe Shaw’s home on Ezra, which stood out from the typical March 17 house party via the inclusion of a DJ.

“We brought him here, and obviously he brought the crowd,” Shaw said.

“The cops decided … that it was too much. They shut it down.”

As the day rolled on and police continued to deal with individual incidents, the general mood in the university district one of lawful boisterousness.

“Overall, we’re pleased to say that people are acting responsibly,” said Chief Bryan Larkin during a late-afternoon interview repeatedly interrupted by partiers yelling obscenities or complimenting the chief on his hat.

Firefighters and paramedics were also on hand at key locations, as were city bylaw officers.

“We’re here to deal with noise complaints, nuisance complaints, bodily emissions, those kinds of concerns,” said Jim Barry, Waterloo’s director of municipal enforcement services.

Just as police weren’t the only authorities keeping a close eye on the green-tinted merriment, not all students in the crowd were there to party.

Sarah Culsineau was among several students raising money for Wilfrid Laurier University’s Five Days for the Homeless initiative by running a barbecue.

“We’re trying to feed students, but also raise money,” she said.

“A lot of us do care … about doing stuff for the community.”

The whole scene was an unusual sight for Sofia Jhazlane, an exchange student from France.

She had celebrated St. Patrick’s Day before, back home, but always indoors.

“It’s so cold … and here we are outside during the whole day,” she told CTV News.

In Guelph, police said that as of late Tuesday afternoon they had responded to multiple loud house parties, issued six tickets for liquor offences and made one arrest for public intoxication.