Residents of St. George are upset their postmaster has been fired, but others say there's more to the story than what has been made public.

Sandy Wilson was fired first in November due to accusations she put flyers promoting a fundraiser for a sick child in mailboxes with regular mail, contrary to Canada Post rules.

She was later reinstated as postmaster, only to be fired again in mid-December for allegedly breaking another rule, this one related to the handling of post office keys.

Long-time residents in the community north of Brantford say they’d like to see Wilson again returned to her job.

“It would be nice to see her come back. I guess the more support she gets, maybe she will be back,” says resident Brian Farrell, who says he checks his mail at the post office every day.

Jo-Anne Webb owns a flower shop in St. George. She says she always found Wilson easy to deal with.

“Very friendly, full of life when you went in. She was very, very pleasant, very helpful,” she says.

But now, with Wilson out as postmaster, there’s a different vibe in the post office.

“Now it’s very quiet, very gloomy. No smiling face,” says Webb.

“People are feeling that there is somewhat of a loss here. It’s just not the same.”

But not everyone is so enthusiastic about Wilson.

One coworker, who didn’t want their name revealed, said the charity flyers were never the main issue, office politics were at play and media attention on the story has been one-sided.

“There are two sides to the story,” said the coworker.

In a statement, Canada Post says dismissals are “the result of an extensive process” and not decisions taken lightly.

“We require our employees to follow the guidelines and processes as they are set to ensure the safety of the mail, a responsibility we take very seriously,” reads the statement.

St. George residents say they’ve been asking about Wilson’s firing and not received any clear answers, but nobody says they’ve seen or heard from Wilson since her latest firing.