WATERLOO -- Drivers will need to slow down when travelling through some neighbourhoods in the city of Waterloo.

City councillors voted unanimously in-favour of slowing speed limits during a virtual council meeting on Monday afternoon.

The new recommendations will see a slow street implemented at Waterloo Street from Moore Avenue to the city boundary. This will include slow street signage and barrels as per other slow streets in the city.

The following streets will see speed changes:

  • Sundew Drive from Twin Leaf Street to Mayapple Street dropping to 40 kilometres per hour
  • Old Abbey Road neighbourhood dropping to 40 kilometres per hour
  • School zones within the Eastbridge and Westvale neighbourhoods dropping to 30 kilometres per hour

Council also voted to monitor Dietz Avenue to see what affect of lane reductions on Westmount Avenue are having on the area. The city will also install an all-way stop sign at Dietz Avenue and Lourdes Street.

The city says slow streets will stay in effect until October and the 40 km/h zones will be in effect for about a year.

The city has ordered signage and the changes will begin once those signs are installed.