GUELPH -- A couple living in the south end of Guelph are frustrated because of a missing sidewalk by their home.

Matthew Mooradian and his partner, Brett Langlois, moved to a new condominium on Gordon Street back in April. They assumed once residents started moving in, the sidewalk connecting the east side of Gordon to the stores located near Poppy Drive West would be ready.

“Since the city really started to develop this area, they've been zoning out here quite a few years now and there's been no side walk,” said Mooradian.

More than an inconvenience, he feels it is a major safety concern. Some residents have to walk in the bike lane on the road, like Tom Tucker.

“I've just had both hips replaced; I use the bicycle lane because it's smoother. But people use that bicycle lane as a turning lane towards Poppy so it's always where you're at a bit of a risk," Tucker said.

Mooradian said it is even more of a concern heading into winter.

According to the City of Guelph, the delay is due to outstanding conflicts with the condominium developer when it comes to gas lines.

“That is the responsibility of the developer at this point, so the city is working with the developer to try and get and update on the timing of that work,” said Jennifer Juste, the manager of transportation planning for the city.

She adds that there is an alternate route through an adjacent subdivision, but it is not ideal.

According to Coun. Dominique O'Rourke, it is not unusual to see sidewalks go in last when an area is still under construction, like the one on Gordon Street between Gosling Gardens and Poppy Drive West. She adds because the area is designed as an intensification hub, they are looking to review that approach.

“The whole point of an intensification hub is so people can easily walk or bike to all of those services,” said O’Rourke. “I know that staff are looking at this closely and they really do give priority to the intersections where there's the highest volume.”

For Langlois, he feels the sidewalk should have been completed before they moved in.