KITCHENER -- A song is offering a baby girl a priceless memory of her mother who died of cancer last year.

Tovah Barry-Natalie's family said she loved every minute of her 36 years.

"Even if it was the most boring thing you could be at, you were having fun if you were with her," her sister, Raya Barry said.

"Someone who made me laugh uncontrollably all the time," said her best friend, Cory Stewart.

Her last year was full of some of her brightest moments.

"She got her baby, she got her house, she got the love of her life," her mother, Sandralaya Ruch, said.

Barry-Natalie got very sick in January 2020.

"She had a seizure and had to go to the hospital," Barry said. "It was just from then until basically the day that she died, running test after test after test."

Her health declined very quickly and she was eventually diagnosed with Stage 4 stomach cancer. She died four months later.

"Sometimes she'd say, 'When you're sick, you just want your mom there,'" Ruch said.

She left behind her daughter, Harper, who wasn't even a year old.

Stewart, a singer-songwriter, made Harper a song called "Little One."

"We couldn't do a funeral," Barry said. "We did a Zoom memorial, there was about 80 people that came."

The musical memory will last forever.

"Basically saying to Harper, don't worry, I'll help you to remember the stuff you don't know about your mom," Stewart said.

"I bet it's going to be really meaningful to other children and families who are going through similar things," Barry said.

Barry-Natalie's family hopes the song will help Harper's mom live on in song and in spirit.

Stewart grew up in Woodstock and has written many songs over the course of a difficult struggle.

He just released an album called "Tov" after his friend Tovah. It includes the song "Little One."