KITCHENER -- The Guelph Humane Society says it’s still caring for 105 cats that were surrendered two weeks ago and 11 of them are now available for adoption.

The cats were removed from a residence on Huron Street back on January 22. The landlord of the building, who spoke to CTV News on the condition of anonymity, says the woman lived in the residence for four years and he thought she had six cats in her two-bedroom apartment.

Another neighbour said she had made several complaints about an ammonia smell coming from the apartment.

The landlord told CTV News at the time of the discovery that the woman had been evicted because she poured large amounts of cat litter down the drain and caused thousands of dollars worth of damage to the plumbing.

The cats weren’t discovered until she left the aparmtent.

Ever since then the Guelph Humane Society has been looking after the cats. They say the animals were immediately given vaccinations and parasite control, as well as microchipped and spayed or neutered.

Eleven of the cats are now well enough to be placed up for adoption.

The Humane Society says they’ve shown “great progress adjusting to their new surroundings.”

One cat named Splenda already has a new home.

splenda cat guelph humane society

“Our goal is to ensure the cats find loving homes that they can thrive in,” says Lisa Veit, the Associate Director of GHS. “They have come from a challenging living environment and we want to ensure they adjust to their new homes and loving families, as smoothly as possible.”

The Humane Society says they’ll be posting updates on the website as more cats become available.