Research into soil protection and elevation is the focus at this year’s outdoor farm show.

Farmers from all over flocked to Woodstock for the annual event to look at some of the newest technology and equipment in agriculture.

Lori Ann Morris calls herself a soil advocate. She was on hand at the festival Thursday and says it needs to be better protected.

“I was getting really frustrated at seeing a lot of soil abuse,” said Morris. “If we doing take care of our soil, we’re up a creek without a paddle.”

She says she’s happy the province is promising grain farmers of Ontario $60,000 to evaluate soil type, elevation, and treatment.

Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show president Doug Wagner mentions that soil research is just one part of the annual event.

“It’s a celebration of agriculture and food production,” he said. “This is a business-to-business trade show for farmers. We get together once a year just before harvest to let farmers from all over the world sees some of the new technology coming down the pipe.”

More than 40,000 farmers are attending the show that features 750 exhibits.

One of the new features to this year’s event: a roundtable discussion with farmers featuring Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

“I can ensure you, we will always have your back,” he said. “We’re here to listen and support each and every one of you.”

The discussion touched on challenges the agri-food industry faces and how the province can help.