KITCHENER -- Love is in the air in Waterloo, and that goes doubly so for a house on Empire Street.

With temperatures dropping, Tom Litwiller spent five days sculpting two love bunnies out of snow.

It's a recreation of a sculpture he did back in 2011, but that time, it only lasted a single day.

This time, with temperatures expected to stay below freezing until Tuesday, he expects his creations will last at least a week and a half.

As a former recreation director, he says he loves to make things. Plus, it's an opportunity to do something for his community.

"It's a good way of keeping the neighbours all happy and entertained," Litwiller says.

"It just creates a little bit of neighbourhood spirit this time of year."

It hasn't gone unnoticed, either: he says that people have been coming to the house to take photos with the rabbits.

On a couple of occasions, he says there have even been near-accidents as drivers slow down to look.

The love has multiplied overnight: the rabbit family has grown.

Four baby rabbits now perch atop one of the original rabbits, just in time for Valentine's Day.