Two brothers spent over three years studying the relationship between violent movements and concussions.

As a result, they have developed a tool that they say will help reduce concussions in football.

The garment, called Halo, is made with so-called smart materials in the collar, which respond to deformation.

“The faster or harder you try to deform the material, the more it resists being deformed,” said company co-founder Rob Corrigan.

He said the shirt reduces head kinematics and rotational forces by 46 per cent.

Their company has teamed up with a ballistics and human kinetics lab before any field testing was done.

This season, several Laurier Golden Hawks players will don the new technology.

Hockey players, including Mike Hoffman and Wayne Primeau have endorsed the product, which is only a Kickstarter at this point.

They are hoping, with a successful season with the Golden Hawks, that it will end up in stores soon.