KITCHENER -- A Kitchener man has placed second in an international grilling competition.

Clint Williams earned a silver medal in a virtual cookoff looking for America's best burger.

Williams left his full-time career to pursue his dream job -- cooking on the barbecue.

"I'm grilling and cooking food pretty much every day, all throughout the year," Williams said. "Rain, shine, snow, hail, it doesn't matter. I'm chillin' and grillin'."

His passion for the grill began when he was working in sales at an appliance store and growing up with parents who worked in the restaurant industry.

"[It's] trial and error," he explained. "I don't have any formal culinary training."

His hard work led to a dream that made grilling his full-time gig.

"When I decided to leave my job, I didn't actually have a plan in place," Williams said. "I just figured I was going to put all my time and effort into my barbecue and cooking creations."

A year and a half later, Williams creates content for companies, fine tunes his recipes and enters cooking competitions.

Williams has competed before, but the Steak Cookoff Association's Best Burger in America event was his first virtual contest.

"Because no one can taste it, it's strictly voting on the virtual and essentially of the world can vote on it right now," he said.

His entry consisted of four beef patties, two slices of cheese and all the fixings.