Skiers stranded on a faulty chair lift at Chicopee Ski Club in Kitchener had to be lowered to the ground using harnesses on Wednesday afternoon.

Reports from the scene indicate that about 40 people were left sitting high above the ground around 2:00 p.m. waiting to be rescued.

It took workers about an hour and a half to get everyone stuck on the Sugar Bowl double chair lift back down to the ground. No one was injured.

Guelph resident Alan Moore says he was trying to find his children when he got a text message saying were stuck on the lift. He then had to wait as they were lowered to safety.

Brady Fagan was on the chair lift when it got stuck and he describes the rescue, "They propelled you down, so they got a harness and you were attached to this kind of like a metal piece that would bring you down."

The chair lift has now been shut down for maintenance, but it is still unclear what caused it to stop. A Chicopee spokesperson says staff is inspecting the equipment.

The Sugar Bowl lift serves hills at the ski club described as ‘Difficult' and ‘Most Difficult.' All trails at the Chicopee Ski Club were open to the public on Wednesday.