STRATFORD -- A Stratford woman sets up an elaborate skeleton display on her front lawn in October, changing the theme every day.

"Each of us has skeletons in our closet," Melissa McKerlie said. "I just bring mine out to play."

The display is called Skeletons of Vivian Line. A recent theme showed off how to trick-or-treat safely this year.

"We just wanted to show trick-or-treaters and people who are giving out candy that we can still go out and have fun in a very safe manner," McKerlie said.

She partnered with Stratford police and public health to get the message out.

"When you're planing your children's costume, make sure that you put in an element of some type of visibility to it as well, have some reflective gear," Darren Fischer with Stratford police said.

Public health officials said this year needs extra safety measures because of COVID-19. The Skeletons of Vivian Line is reminding trick-or-treaters to practice physical distancing and wear a mask.

"Don't gather at the front door on the porches," Dale Lyttle with Huron Perth Public Health. "Try to trick-or-treat within your household group."

McKerlie started her skeleton displays seven years ago. They've had more than 140 themes, with no repeats.

"They've been skydiving this year, we did a COVID-19 display, we had LEGO blocks, playing dominoes," she said. "They're just done everything imaginable."

McKerlie said the skeletons are more important than ever this year, bringing light to a dark 2020.

"The goal of the skeletons everyday is to just make people smile," she said.

The last display is scheduled for Nov. 1 before the skeletons go underground until next year.