KITCHENER -- Six bunnies have been dropped off at the Brant County SPCA in just the last week, and they’re believed to be domesticated animals that someone abandoned.

All of them were found in the southeast end of the city, near the SPCA’s location.

Two of the animals were spotted on Birkett’s Lane Tuesday night by a woman riding her bike.

After writing a post on Facebook to notify the community, more than a dozen people showed up to help with the search.

“It was almost dark and probably another 15 to 20 minutes and nobody would have seen them, even driving by,” says Stuart Corbett. “They could have hopped onto the road. Anything could have happened.”

Corbett and Tammy Sararas offered to take them home for the night.

They brought the animals to the SPCA the next day.

“We could’ve kept them but we figured that it’s better for their well-being to bring them here.”

Four more bunnies were found the area since then.

“Another few were found on Locks Road,” says Logan White, the Community Engagement Leader at the Brant County SPCA.

The last one was discovered Friday morning on Glenwood Drive.

The SPCA believes the bunnies were abandoned by the same owner.

“One of the rabbits in particular was found in a cage that was left open,” says White.

According to the SPCA, the dumping, or letting go of domesticated animals isn’t uncommon.

“It’s kind of a recurring pattern unfortunately,” says Kristen Wilkenson, an Animal Services Team Member.

That’s shocking news to Corbett and Sararas.

“The fact that somebody dumped them, it’s just mind boggling,” says Corbett.

The SPCA says all the animals are healthy but they do need some extra attention.

“Getting them vetted properly and proper care before they are moved to their forever homes,” says Wilkenson.

Corbett and Sararas have decided to adopt the two bunnies they brought in.

“The rabbits seem to be bonded, so it’ll be nice to keep the pair together.”

The SPCA doesn’t know if there are any more bunnies in the neighbourhood, though they are actively searching the neighbourhood.

Anyone interested in adopting the animals is asked to contact the Brant Count SPCA.

-- With reporting by Carmen Wong