The SIU says it has ended its investigation into an incident at a Kitchener police station that left a man with an injury.

On June 5, a man was placed in cell by Waterloo Regional Police.

The SIU says that shortly after midnight the man punched a Plexiglas door multiple times with his right hand.

Afterward the man's hand was checked and was found to be swollen.

He was taken to a hospital where doctors determined that he had fractured his pinky finger.

In a press release the SIU’s interim director said: “A cell video recording depicts the man punching the cell door upwards of 60 times with the outside of his right hand within a span of about five minutes. As it seems obvious based on the video recording that the man’s injury was self-inflicted and that he alone is to blame for it, the SIU’s investigation is hereby discountinued and the file is closed.”

The SIU investigates all incidents involving serious injury or death involving police.