KITCHENER -- Cambridge has cancelled its bike lane pilot project, leading some to ask if Kitchener and Waterloo should do the same.

On Tuesday, councilors for the Region of Waterloo voted unanimously in favour of removing the temporary bike lanes along King Street, Coronation Boulevard and Dundas Street.

Councillor Michael Harris also brought forward a motion to end the pilot project in Kitchener and Waterloo.

He had the support of fellow Councillor Geoff Lorentz.

“We saw one cyclist so far, and I don’t know, maybe 2,000 cars,” he said.

They proposed removing the temporary bike lanes along Westmount Avenue.

“There are five schools along here,” said Lorentz. “When September comes around and busses start showing up and parents start showing up on this little strip, the kids have to cross the street. It becomes very dangerous.”

The motion was eventually defeated.

The bike lanes, along with the large pylons, will remain in place until the pilot project ends.

“According to regional council, this will still continue until the end of October,” said Lorentz. “Or until somebody gets seriously hurt, which is unfortunate.”

The region says the bike lanes are meant to give pedestrians, and cyclists, more space during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The estimated cost for the bike lane project is $475,000.