A man who was sexually assaulted by a former Anglican minister in the 1980s is now suing him for more than $3 million.

“No amount of compensation would sufficiently replace what I’ve lost over the course of thirty years since the abuse,” said Chris Morrison who announced today in Brantford that he is suing both his convicted attacker, George Ferris, and the Anglican Diocese of Huron.

The suit alleges that the diocese denied or was willfully blind to Ferris’ behaviour until years later, when another young man went to police. The diocese has not yet responded to requests for comment.

Morrison was a teenager when the abuse took place. Three years ago he went to the OPP with details of the sexual assaults, which included oral and anal sex with Ferris.

In January, 66-year-old Ferris was convicted of two counts of sexual assault. The judge rejected his defence that the acts were part of a consensual relationship.

Ferris is now serving four years in prison for the crimes.

Morrison, now in his 40s, says the traumatic incidents that sent him on a downward spiral, to the point where he was having thoughts of suicide.

His lawyer Rob Talach of Beckett Law Firm argues that Ferris’s behaviour caused Morrison to lead a self-destructive lifestyle.

“Drug addiction, sexual promiscuity and just self-hating conduct … so we link that directly to the abuse,” said Talach.

Ferris denies that Morrison’s claims and says that in 2006, he and Morrison negotiated payment for all damages he alleged to have suffered.

Morrison admits to receiving $5,000 from Ferris in 2006.

“I felt like I, for lack of a better word, had sold myself to the devil for $5,000 and that’s just not right for what’s been taken from me,” said Morrison.