A server issue is being blamed for issues with EasyGO Grand River Transit cards.

The cards have reportedly not applied funds paid onto them by some customers.

While the cards can be loaded in person, at fare vending machines or online, the issue seems to only be affecting online customers.

"We are continuing to experience technical issues affecting some customers who purchased products on their EasyGO fare cards online and have not had the stored value or pass applied to their card," the GRT website explains in a notice.

In some instances, their stored value has been deducted from their card after purchasing the July monthly pass.

In these cases, customers are asked to apply to have the funds added back onto their cards.

Riders are asked to keep tapping onto public transit methods.

"Drivers and fare inspectors are aware of the issue and customers will be able to board," the notice reads.

GRT says it's working to resolve the issue as soon as possible, but it's not known when it's expected to be resolved.

There have been intermittent payment issues since July 2, the first day the LRT cost passengers to ride after its 11-day grace period.