NORTH DUMFRIES -- There have been two serious crashes at a North Dumfries intersection in less than a month, with the first one taking the lives of two children.

A 67-year-old man remains in hospital as of Sunday following a two-vehicle crash at Spragues Road and Shouldice Side Road Saturday afternoon.

Bob and Heather Trim says they take extra precaution when they pass through the crossroads.

"We go through this corner all the time," she said. "We walk it, we bike it, we drive it, and we take care."

They do so because of the number of crashes they've seen take place here over the years, including the Saturday incident.

"The wreckage was massive," said Heather. "I saw the rescue and fire emergency vehicles going by and I though oh I hope it's not the corner again."

On Jan. 31, a crash at the same intersection ended up taking the lives of two children.

Five years earlier, a crash at the same intersection killed a 20-year-old man.

While Shouldice Side Road has a stop sign, Spragues Road does not. North Dumfries ward three councillor Margaret McCreery says the township and the region are conducting a review.

"The township is very concerned about safety here," she said.

McCreery adds that Shouldice is the responsibility of North Dumfries, but Spragues is the responsibility of the Region of Waterloo since it is heavily trafficked.

"It would ultimately be the region's decision whether or not to put a stop light or a four-way stop," she said.

Meanwhile, the Trim's say they're worried about people speeding in the area and would want the limit on Spragues dropped from 80 km/h to 60. They are also suggesting the installation of a flashing stop light.

"These people pull right out beyond the white bar to get a good look and maybe they're too far out," said Bob.