Some members of a seniors association in Guelph are fighting back after changes to some of their services.

Six programs that are run at the Evergreen Seniors Community Centre in Guelph will be cut by the summer, along with six staff members who run those programs.

Members of the Guelph-Wellington Seniors Association are handing out fliers to its members in hopes to save Community Support Services.

“They’re very angry that this was done without consultation with the people who are offering the programs, the staff, with people who are participating in the programs, or the general membership,” says volunteer Judith Carson.

CSS is fully supported by a three-year grant from United Way, but the GWSA’s board has decided to terminate it and return the two years left on that grant.

Those changes come into effect on June 30.

According to some members, the board cited concerns about the programs being outside their mandate and they no longer want to be an employer.

The decision was reportedly made in a closed-door meeting last week, without public consultation.

But the board says it's not as though it's abandoning its members: there are another 40 programs for seniors to choose from, most of which are run in the same building.