The City of Waterloo is getting a smart public loo at the corner of King and Williams streets.

“Which is a big deal because as many people know there really is not a public washroom in Uptown Waterloo,” Uptown Waterloo BIA Executive Director Tracy Van Kalsbeek told CTV News.

Senior Project Coordinator for Facility Design & Management Services at the City of Waterloo, Swati Vekariya said: “It will provide healthy and safe access to a public washroom.”

Adding, “It’s going be fully autonomous with features like self-cleaning, self-drying and it will be sanitized after each user.”

Thanks to public feedback requested by the city, the bathroom will be unisex, fully accessible, and include a baby change table.

“Once they step out, the washroom will have an automated cleaning cycle that will clean the toilet bowl, the sink, everything and it will dry and sanitize the whole unit,” Vekariya said.

Adding that a full deep clean cycle will likely happen every 15 to 20 users.

Much of the software, including cleaning schedules will be adjustable according to needs.

“Right now we are working on the design and construction on the unit, it will open in fall 2023,” Vekariya said.

The bathroom is coming from Quebec based Urben Blu and will be similar to one that has already been installed at Hoffer Park in Elora.

And the Waterloo loo is not the only project the uptown BIA is plunging into for this revitalized corner.

“We’ve brought electricity to this site so we can do pop-up markets, DJ’s and music and performers,” Kalsbeek said.

Bike racks and colourful picnic table style seats have already been installed. Additional garden space will soon follow.

Kalsbeek called it “pocket placemaking” with, “just a lot more happening here then was before.”

“We’re pretty excited about it,” she added.

The corner will also include information regarding the history of the land, “with indigenous lands this was the original hunting ground for the Iroquois people so making sure we include information,” Kalsbeek said.

It will be a whole new look for a once under-utilized space.

The cost of the revitalization, including the new washroom is roughly $350, 000.

A large portion of that cost will be covered by several grants.

Kalsbeek added it “will help our businesses because people want to be where there are great things to do and see and be a part of and that’s what we are doing in uptown.”