KITCHENER -- Select local pharmacies are offering residents who can’t get to a pharmacy the option to get a COVID-19 vaccine at home.

“Anyone who is immobile, can’t get out to either a pharmacy or one of the mass vaccination clinics, but does want to get vaccinated would be eligible. and as long as they don’t live in a nursing home or something like that,” said Neil Malhotra, Owner and Pharmacist at Apothecare Pharmacy in Kitchener.

Malhotra said the pharmacy has seen a decrease in demand for in store vaccinations. The pharmacy was doing about 100 in store doses a weekend, but is now only administering 14-28 in store doses on the weekend. It started offering at home services about a week ago.

“Decided to reach out and see if there are people who haven’t been able to get to a pharmacy and may be homebound or immobile, and give them the opportunity to get vaccinated as well,” said Malhotra.

So far the pharmacy has not received any calls for the home service, but Malhotra said that may be the result of more vaccine appointments in the area or residents using other locations for their shots.