Minus 9 was the lowest temperature ever recorded on November 11th.

That record, set back in 1926, has finally been beat.

On Saturday the temperature dropped to a chilly minus 14, setting a new low record for the second day in a row.

Environment Canada says similar records were broken across the province.

Some aren’t surprised by the sudden blast of winter weather.

“I expect the cold,” said one resident. “I’m a true Canadian.”

Others weren’t prepared.

Perry Grobe, the co-owner of Grobe’s Nursery and Garden Centre, says he’s been getting a lot of calls from gardeners asking how to protect their plants.

“The weather was abnormally warm in late September,” said Grobe. “Frost didn’t show up in October until quite late.”

Environment Canada isn’t predicting a colder winter than normal, only saying we should see more consistency this season.