Eight people have been arrested after a massive drug bust helmed by the Toronto police.

A total of 29 search warrants in Toronto, Vaughan, Kitchener and Stoney Creek led to the seizure of $17 million worth of drugs.

Toronto police say the bust, called Project Dos, focused on a high-level illicit drug distribution ring capable of generating profits in the tens of millions.

Police allegedly recovered:

  • close to 29 kilograms of powder cocaine
  • 3,905 illegally grown marijuana plants
  • close to 700 kilograms of ephedrine (a precursor for the production of crystal methamphetamine)
  • 20 kilograms of phenacetin (a substance used as a cutting agent in powder cocaine)
  • smaller quantities of ketamine and crystal methamphetamine
  • $308,000 cash believed to be proceeds of illegal drug distribution

The cannabis was allegedly seized in Kitchener-Waterloo. The grower had a license but had far exceeded the number of plants they were allowed to have.

“The operators had obtained a license to lawfully grow marijuana, however the amount of plants drastically exceeded the government-issued grow license allowed for,” says Supt. Steven Watts at a press conference.

The operation allegedly exceeded its limit by almost 4,000 plants.

Eight people are facing a number or drug charges in relation to this case.

The accused have been identified as:

  • Duc Duy Phan, 32 of Toronto;
  • Quoc Pham, 38 of Toronto;
  • Thi Thuy Van Nguyen, 33 of Toronto;
  • Mario Palermo, 19 of Toronto;
  • Ai He, 32 of Toronto;
  • Hung Phy Nguyen, 34 of Stoney Creek;
  • Ryan Yetman, 26 of Toronto;
  • and Amanda King, 32 of Toronto.

All eight accused are due in court together on June 12.