KITCHENER -- Kitchener's Schwaben Club is preparing to move into a Breslau facility after the club currently using the building closes after nearly six decades.

There's a lot of history in the Save Club and the Slovenian Association. They've hosted events like Oktoberfest for decades, but it's all coming to an end.

"It was a sad day when we decided to close our doors," President Steve Ivancic said.

Ivancic confirmed the Schwaben Club has purchased the building.

"They were a good fit for coming to our club, their traditions and heritage is similar," Ivancic said.

Members of the Sava Club voted on whether or not to close back in March.

"The majority were seniors and, unfortunately they are basically at a point where it's unsustainable for them to volunteer their hours," Ivancic said.

It was a difficult decision for many.

"My husband spent at the club like 58 years, so that's a long time," member Theresa Mirt said. "That's a long time and it was a beautiful gathering place for Slovenians."

The doors will officially close on January. It's not known when the Schwaben Club will move in.

"We delayed issuing a formal notice until we were able to notify our existing rentals for 2021 through 2022 of the pending move and let them know we will be honouring our contractual obligations," a statement from the Schwaben Club said in part.

The club also said some customers have been able to tour the new location and "are excited about the opportunities."

The Schwaben Club has been hosting an online auction of items ranging from pool tables, to dining tables, pop coolers, cooking ovens, and even a full bar.