A video appears to show a school bus driver from Kitchener stopping on rail tracks where a train can be seen in the distance.

The person who sent CTV Kitchener the video says he took it on Tuesday around 2 p.m. at the intersection of King Street and River Road.

He adds that when he saw the train coming in the distance, he got out and tried to alert the bus driver.

CTV Kitchener has been told by CP Rail that routine maintenance was being done in the video and that staff were directing traffic.

Sharp Bus Lines says school bus drivers must still wait to ensure there is adequate room to completely cross railway tracks.

Sharp says the driver has been pulled off the road and that it’s investigating the incident with the charter bus, which was carrying students, teachers, and some parents.

They add that the bus was one of two heading to William G. Davis Public School in Cambridge from Chicopee Ski Resort. Now, Sharp is investigating both drivers.

Justin Cossentine recieved a call from his son's school Wednesday afternoon that his son was showing signs of a concussion. He was told that the bus he was on fishtailed, hit a snowbank in the parking lot, and tossed him into the window.

"The bus company seems to feel the bus driver did nothing wrong," said Cossentine. "She got a verbal confirmation that people were okay and she just carried on."

Sharp says that if a student is injured on a bus, the driver is supposed to pull over and call emergency services.

Waterloo Region District School Board says staff were on board at the time of the injury, and that he told them he felt okay. When they got back to school they decided to go through the concussion protocol.