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Safety town hall meeting held for concerned Cambridge residents

Homelessness, crime, and drug addiction were top concerns for Cambridge residents at a safety town hall meeting Monday evening at city hall.

The mayor, councillors, city staff, and the Waterloo Regional Police Service were on hand to field questions.

“We need facilities for mental health and drug addiction where they go and they stay,” one resident said. “No getting out.”

At the previous meeting in July, a number of residents expressed concerns over the homeless encampment at 150 Main Street. While that encampment has cleared out, residents say the issue continues to grow.

“What are they really doing to help us besides saying you’ll get a tiny home or this or that?” another resident asked. “What are they actually doing for the housing to help all of us homeless?”

Some residents reported another large encampment popping up in Soper Park, while others raised concerns about a lack of affordable housing in the city. Top Stories

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