In January, a freight train crashed into a tractor-trailer at the intersection of Highway 7 and Wellington Road 29.

There were no serious injuries, but the crash sparked renewed concerns about the safety of the intersection, which is located between Guelph and Rockwood in Guelph-Eramosa Township.

Scott Mooney is a truck driver who uses the intersection regularly.

He’s not surprised a train and truck collided at the intersection – because, he says, it was only a matter of time.

“When a tractor-trailer comes to this intersection, they have to actually cross and stop on the tracks in order to get to a position where their vehicle being present will trigger the lights to turn green,” he tells CTV News.

“The truck has to stop with a trailer on the tracks. It is at risk every time.”

The space between the intersection’s stop line and the beginning of the train track is measured at 62 feet.

Most tractor-trailers are 53 feet long, with an additional 20 feet for the cab.

There is a sign warning drivers not to stop on the tracks – but for truckers looking to continue on their way, Mooney says, that’s just not an option.

“The sign clearly says ‘Don’t stop on the tracks’ – but the only way to trigger the light is to stop on the tracks,” he says.

Concerns over the intersection have also been raised by Wellington-Halton Hills MPP Ted Arnott, who recently called for a safety study of the crossing at Queen’s Park.

“I call upon the Ministry of Transportation to take immediate steps to avert another accident, which I’m afraid to say is just waiting to happen,” he said.