A jury received final instructions from the judge Wednesday and now must come to a verdict on the case of Ryan Arcon.

In March 2010, police responded to a Waterloo apartment in response to a 911 call from Arcon’s roommate.

During the 911 call, which was used as evidence at the trial, the roommate said Arcon was high on drugs, armed with knives and out of control.

“He thinks people are coming through the closet, climbing up the walls,” said the roommate on the call.

The responding officer, Const. Randy Galantal, shot Arcon five times as he approached Galantal with the knives.

Gunshots are also audible on the tape, as is the aftermath, in which the roommate tells a dispatcher Arcon was shot by police after running out of the apartment with knives in his hands.

Galantal was cleared for his actions by Ontario’s special investigations unit, while Arcon was charged with assault with a weapon and assaulting a police officer.

Arcon spent several weeks in hospital, including 10 days in a coma. His mother, Emily James, says she’s just glad he’s still alive.

“It’s a miracle and I thank God every day, I’m grateful that God let my son live,” she tells CTV.

Defence lawyers say there were inconsistencies in Galantal’s testimony and believe the charges cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.

Prosecutors say that the tape, testimony and evidence are proof of Arcon’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.