KITCHENER -- RVs, campers and trailers are gaining popularity as people vacation a bit closer to home this summer.

The camping options have become so popular that it's getting more difficult to get your hands on one.

With many people staying home for months due to the COVID-19 pandemic, getting out of the house this summer seems more important than ever for some.

"We were looking for a place to get away," said trailer owner Corina White. "We really live just eight minutes away from here, so it's really convenient."

White set up in Whistle Bare Campground in Cambridge.

"We live in a condo and don't have a backyard and a balcony, so we can come here and have a fire, swim in the pond," White said.

The desire to get out of the house while staying close to home is driving people to look for four-wheeled vacation options.

"Empty lot for sure," Leisure Days manager Chris Contonis said. "We are about 150 units short, with supply being an issue, but that's a positive thing."

Contains said RV and trailer sales have skyrocketed as Leisure Days.

"Record-breaking June, record-breaking July and we expect the same for August," he said.

The dealership, located in North Dumfries, usually has 250 RVs on the lot. Right now, they're down to just 70 units. Running out of RVs is a possibility, Contonis said.

"[We] get three to five units per week and are selling about 25 to 30 per week," he said. "Twenty-eight stores in Canada all having the same problem."

Rentals are also a popular option for a way to test drive the experience before spending thousands of dollars.

"Truthfully it's the rentals that have skyrocketed for us," Contains said. "We have never seen anything like it for short-term rentals."