KITCHENER -- More than 200 army reservists from Southwestern Ontario left for CFB Borden Monday, where they’ll wait and prepare to respond to requests for assistance from federal, provincial and municipal governments.

Approximately 40 of those soldiers are with the Royal Highland Fusiliers based in Cambridge.

“We got the call last night,” says Lt. Daniel Weltman. “We’ve all been preparing for a couple of weeks now.”

All 31 brigade groups are ready to serve their country in the fight against COVID-19.

At CFB Borden they will form an arctic response group and a domestic response company to help communities with whatever they need.

“Tasks like floods, fires and any other requests they may require,” says LCol. Steve Coe. “Perhaps if essential services are needed, we could be asked to do things like that.”

“I’m excited to help,” says Lt. Weltman. “Been in quarantine for two weeks and I’m excited to get there and do something.”

Cpl. Harold Dubue says he’s happy to help out wherever assistance is needed.

“As a reservist, I joined the military looking to help people.”

The soliders say communities can do their part by following directions from public health officials and staying home.