Brant County will be shutting down a number of roads Sunday for the Cambridge Tour de Grand.

Last year almost 3,000 cyclists took part in the annual event.

There are 11 routes, ranging in distance from 10 kilometres to 160 kilometres, on both gravel and paved trails.

Cyclists will be using the following roads:

  • Branchton Road
  • McLean School Road
  • St. George Road
  • Main Street North
  • Highway 5 (including Beverly Street West & Beverly Street East)
  • Blue Lake Road
  • East River Road
  • Glen Morris Road West
  • Pinehurst Road
  • Harrisburg Road
  • Bethel Church Road
  • Powerline Road
  • Brant Waterloo Road
  • Nith Road
  • Drumbo Road
  • Keg Lane
  • Brant Oxford Road
  • West Dumfries Road
  • West River Road
  • Glen Morris Road West
  • West River Road North

Sunday’s event starts at 8 a.m. at the Duncan McIntosh Arena in Churchill Park.

This year marks the 22nd anniversary of the Tour de Grand.