KITCHENER -- While Waterloo Region currently remains in Ontario’s yellow zone for pandemic restrictions, the rising COVID-19 case count raises new questions about when that might change.

At the daily media briefing on Tuesday, Premier Doug Ford was asked about Manitoba going into another lockdown and if that could happen in Ontario.

“I can’t rule out anything. I think we’ve shown before at the beginning of this pandemic – if it needs to be done, we’ll do it, based on the advice of our health professionals or the local medical officers, and the local mayors,” Ford responded.

After a record setting day in Ontario on Tuesday, with nearly 1,400 news cases and the fifth straight day where the number was more than 1,000, Premier Ford says the numbers will guide the province's next move.

“If the numbers get totally out of control, I won’t hesitate to do what it takes to protect the health and safety of the people,” he said.

In Toronto, the closure of indoor dining and other activities was extended by a month on Tuesday. The news was delivered along with an ominous warning from the city’s top doctor.

“COVID-19 is out there at levels we have not seen before. You should assume it is everywhere,” said Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health Dr. Eileen de Villa on Tuesday.

Currently Waterloo Region is in the yellow protect category, but with over 40 new cases on Tuesday and routinely more than 30 a day as of late, the region is edging towards a possible graduation into the orange zone that comes with tougher restrictions.

Some proposed restrictions for this level include limiting capacity at meeting and event spaces to 50 people, limiting operating hours for businesses, and prohibiting personal care services that require the removal of a face mask.

The latest restrictions in Toronto mean no indoor dining until at least mid-December.

Also, indoor fitness classes are banned and gyms are limited to fewer than 10 people in doors.