An adult entertainment store has passed one hurdle in its bid to open a new location in Kitchener.

The Love Shop, which already has one store on Victoria Street, wants to open a second shop at Kingsway Drive and Franklin Street.

The issue is in the city’s hands because the property would need to be rezoned. Adult entertainment businesses are tightly regulated under Kitchener’s zoning laws.

Those zoning laws stipulate that all adult entertainment businesses must be at least 400 metres apart. The proposed site at Kingsway and Franklin sits 220 metres away from a massage parlour.

Ed Reiber of The Love Shop argues that the businesses shouldn’t be considered competitors, because his store sells products rather than services.

Councillors agreed with that line of thinking, agreeing that there was no issue with the two businesses being within the 400-metre buffer zone.

A final decision on the zone change is expected in January.