A pop-up pottery market gave people a chance to celebrate clay and support local artists.

The Waterloo Potters Workshop Spring Pottery Sale brought hundreds of shoppers to the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex on Saturday.

"It connects you to the earth and to history," said Marlen Moggach of the workshop. "Pottery is how we recorded history throughout time, so it's like we're part of that pathway.

"When you're a kid, you love playing in the dirt, and it's almost an adult way to play in the dirt."

Nearly 50 potters were selling everything from butter trays to earrings.

"I love that you can go every direction with clay," said ceramic artist Eekta Trienekens. "You can change your mind right on the spot and decide to do something else and it will work out.

"I like adding details and colours. More is more is my motto."

Potters say they find local inspiration for their creativity that helps each piece become as unique as the artist who made it.

"I have some bowls with these little curls, and I try to represent me a little bit," said Laura Newton. "I have curly hair, curly bowls, and then I have these candle holders that started off as family Christmas presents and have now become a thing I have to produce for everybody."

Newton only picked up the craft about three years ago and is now at her first sale.

"It's so rewarding to make something with your hands, to feel really tactical output," said Newton. "My day job is in tech, so I work at a computer all day, so being able to produce something is so rewarding."

The sales from the market go to supporting the workshop, community guild, and local art programs.

"A portion of each sale goes to maintaining our facility and keeping the heat and lights on."