An internal review found that two police officers involved in a car chase that left two teens dead acted reasonably.

The officers involved were responding to a reported abduction and assault in Cambridge in October 2017.

When police found the vehicle, the driver allegedly ignored attempts to stop him and a pursuit began.

Nathan Wehrle, 15, and Taryn Hewitt, 16, were both killed when the vehicle crashed head-on into a transport truck on Highway 6.

The SIU cleared the two Waterloo Regional Police Service officers of any wrongdoing a year later.

The WRPS then conducted its own internal review.

Those findings were shared at a police board meeting on Dec. 19.

The review found that officers were dealing with a dynamic call, one that did not include a search of the license plate.

Insp. Eugene Fenton found that a search would not have provided the age or identity of the driver or passenger anyway.

Fenton also noted that the witness who called in the alleged abduction reportedly said that the driver was 25, not 15.