WATERLOO -- Soccer is making its return to the Waterloo Region, seeing kids on the pitch for physically distant skills training.

Officials with Waterloo United say players could soon be allowed closer contact as well.

Right now, the soccer club is still in phase one if its return to play protocol, meaning physically distant based practices can be held.

Phase two will allow for closer contact drills and playing scrimmages with up to seven players a side.

Officials with the club are hopeful they can move to phase two as early as next week.

Phase three would see a return to normal league games, but it is still unclear if that will happen this season.

The players are looking forward to having a little closer contact in the near future.

"I’m going to be so excited for that," says Lela Stark, a player with Waterloo United. "I love the part where you're pushing and trying to win the ball."

"It’s hard to stay away from your teammates," says Claire Stark, another player with Waterloo United. "It’s great having them around you to encourage you and to talk is good, but I guess I am excited to go back physically."

There are strict safety measures in place, including mandatory hand and equipment washing, no carpooling and players are asked to show up no earlier than 15 minutes before practice.

With reporting by Jeff Pickel