KITCHENER - The City of Guelph is asking its residents for input on its smoking and alcohol regulations.

It's offering a pair of surveys for people to give feedback on rules around tobacco, cannabis and vaping.

The city is considering whether or not to add additional smoking regulations that would apply to all three, including a proximity limit at public buildings and transit stops, and restricting it on public trails and parks, municipal buildings and special events.

"Recent provincial legislation also gives municipalities the ability to designate public places where residents can consume alcohol," the city's website reads in part.

"The alcohol survey explores whether drinking alcohol in public, particularly parks, should be permitted by the City."

Guelph engaged with representatives from a number of municipal stakeholders when coming up with the proposed regulations.

"The working group helped form some of the basic concepts related to smoking and alcohol; now it’s up to the community to provide their feedback," says David Wiedrick, manager of bylaw compliance.

"We will use the community’s feedback to provide recommendations to Council in early 2020."

The two surveys are available on the city's website and are available until Oct. 13.