The United States says Syria’s regime is crumbling after the country’s prime minister defected Monday becoming the highest ranking official to abandon Bashar Al Assad’s government.                

Meanwhile, Syrian forces continue to battle with rebels over control of the country’s commercial hub and largest city Aleppo.  Despite intense shelling from loyalist forces, rebels have held control of parts of the city.  The U.S. says the momentum is now with the opposition and has called for Assad to step down.

Many Syrians living in Waterloo Region are without a doubt following the events closely.  It’s a small community with less than a thousand people.  But they are proving to be a mighty force when it comes to relief efforts.

Relief kits by the Mennonite Central Committee just touched down at a Syrian Refugee camp in Jordan.

As the civil war escalates, Hussni Malas, who lives in Kitchener says Syrians in Waterloo Region put together two fundraisers and raised a significant amount of money. “The first time we collected about $250,000 and the other time, at Ramadan, we collected about $41,000.”

Nearly the $300,000 is being sent to refugee camps and the conflict zone through a charity group called Human Concern International.  So far, HCI says it’s the largest amount they’ve received for Syria from a Canadian community.