A Kitchener man who sexually assaulted multiple teenage girls after giving them drugs pleaded guilty to a number of offences Friday.

Faisal Malik, 41, was then sentenced to three years in prison – and it’s not the first time he’s been in trouble with the justice system.

In 2001, then living in Toronto, Malik was convicted of a violent sexual assault and attempted choking. Since then, his name has been on the sex offender registry.

His lawyer, Brigitte Gratl, says Malik was using drugs at the time, but attempted to turn his life around not long after the conviction.

“There was a period where he got married, led a very solid life and had a home that he occupied with his wife,” she says.

“It was when the child was taken away from him that he eventually spiralled back into a life of drugs.”

Malik was on probation as of March 2012, when – while living on Courtland Avenue – he met a then-16-year-old Cambridge girl who was friends with his roommate.

The girl stayed at the residence for several days, during which time Malik shared crystal meth with her.

After five days, Malik asked the girl to come to his room.

According to an agreed statement of facts, as the girl entered the room, Malik grabbed her by the wrist and made her watch pornography that was playing on his television.

When the girl got up to leave, Malik grabbed her, threw her onto his bed and sexually assaulted her.

Eventually Malik’s phone rang, and when he answered it, the girl escaped and returned to her home.

Five months later, a teenage girl who knew the first victim told her that she had been sexually assaulted by Malik in a similar fashion, two weeks before her 16th birthday.

Police believe the assault of the second girl took place in November 2009.

In that case, the girl passed out in Malik’s bed after he had given her a large amount of cocaine and awoke to find Malik sexually assaulting her.

“To say your behaviour is despicable is an understatement,” Justice James Sloan told Malik during Friday’s sentencing.