Police in the area are investigating a number of burned out pickup trucks, at least one of which was stolen. Another was found with other stolen vehicles.

Regional police say around 2:30 a.m. they received a call about a burning vehicle on Waterloo Oxford Road and Queen Street in New Dundee.

When officers arrived, they found a pickup truck on fire in the ditch beside the New Dundee community centre.

Police are trying to determine if the truck is stolen.

While police were on scene they found another a pickup truck, trailer and motorcycle that had been reported stolen.

Police say they are trying to determine if the stolen truck and the fire are connected.

A few hours later, police received another call about a pickup truck on fire on Westoak Trail near Huron Road and Fischer-Hallman Road.

The two truck fires are separated by less than eight kilometres.

Regional police are also looking to determine if this incident is connected to the activity in New Dundee.

On Tuesday morning, Oxford County OPP reported that they had found another pickup truck on the side of a road in Blandford-Blenheim Township.

They found that the truck, which had been reported stolen from Waterloo Region, was completely destroyed.

It's not yet clear if these incidents are connected.

Anyone with information surrounding these incidents is asked to contact police.