KITCHENER -- Regional councillors voted against a plan to repair Kitchener's Cold War-era bunker.

The shelter, which is located along King Street East, was discussed at a Committee on the Whole meeting on Tuesday. Councillors decided not to proceed with $700,000 repairs.

The shelter has damage from water and mould, and it's not safe to go inside of it right now. The repairs would have waterproofed the building and stabilize the structure while a decision is made about its future.

Councillors are divided on whether or not the shelter is worth saving.

"This is too costly of an unused asset in the region to sink any more dollars into it," Coun. Michael Harris said.

"We can't put this back together if we demolish it," Chair Karen Redman said.

Councillors have asked for a staff report within three months outlining potential uses for the shelter. That decision will go before council for formal approval next week.