KITCHENER -- Regional council has approved almost half a million dollars for a design plan of a temporary terminal expansion at the local airport.

The vote was split, however, with some councillors noting that the project wasn't an urgent one.

"I think the $500,000 can easily, easily be kept in the bag and we don't need to spend this money now," said Coun. Sean Strickland.

"There's no rush to do this, given the requirements of the airport and given the economic conditions of the airline industry."

The temporary expansion would include three separate buildings and incorporate measures for physical distancing, which regional staff expect will be needed in the future. It's meant to last for 10 years, until the airport sees 500,000 passengers per year.

The project is expected to cost about $15 million, but there's been no timeline laid out for that yet.

Council also approved a plan to use around $8 million in federal funding for new affordable housing projects.

The region has entered an agreement with the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation and will need to provide an investment plan by Nov. 27.

In a news release, regional officials said they might align the funding with current and future projects, like the Bechtel alternative housing pilot project and the development of modular housing on surplus land. It can also apply for additional funding under the Rapid Housing Initiative.