KITCHENER -- Regional Chair Karen Redman has come under fire for some photos she posted on social media.

The photos were taken Friday night at an Oktoberfest celebration at the Schwaben Club in Kitchener.

The pictures show people posing close together while not wearing masks.

In one photo, several people are using a “shot-ski,” a ski with several shot glasses attached.

Some of Redman’s social media followers were quick to point out that those in attendance may not be following public health’s COVID-19 guidelines.

Redman responded to the criticism Saturday morning, saying in a tweet: “Last night I posted something that got a lot of people’s attention. I want to thank everyone for giving me feedback on what in hindsight I see was not the best approach. In supporting the community, I have regrettably upset people for not appearing to be adhering to the important public health measures that are in place right now for COVID-19. I want to reinforce that the public health measures are very important for all of us to follow.”