How can the Region of Waterloo International Airport attract new carriers?

One option is to offer airlines exclusive routes.

That’s one of the ideas the Region of Waterloo is considering.

Airlines will be able to bid on specific routes and services from the Breslau airport, and once a proposal is approved, the carrier would secure that route for two years.

Officials say it’s a good incentive which would ensure another lower-priced competitor doesn’t take away from their business.

The airport is already in talks with ultra-low cost carrier Canada Jetlines.

“We want to get more use out of our airport,” says Tom Galloway, chair of the planning and works committee. “We’re the number one most under-serviced airport in Canada in terms of the number of passengers that originate in our area. It is important from an economic development point of view to attract talent, to attract companies and investment to our community. Having a viable airport is a very, very important factor for a lot of decision-makers.”

The region wants to start taking bids in October.

The proposal will go to regional council Wednesday and they’ll decide whether to move forward with the recommendations.