A bike-sharing program is expected to arrive in Waterloo Regionfor a test run later this year.

The pilot is slated to begin in thespring and end in the fall with the help of Drop Mobility, a company based in Toronto.

The bike-sharing technology is built into the bicycles that can be unlocked by a smartphone app. Drop Mobility allows users to find lock-up locations called “hubs.”

According to an introduction to the project on the region's official community engagement website, bikes can be rented for just $1 per hour.

The public will be able to submit feedback forhub locations.

Things that the region will take into consideration is use, bike-friendliness, transit stops and whether or not proposed hubs are on private or public land.

This feedback will beconsidered by the region, cities and Drop Mobility. As more bikes get used, the locations will be updated.

More stations are expected to be added to the cities as the pilot continues.

In October of last year, Waterloo gave the nod to implementing micro-mobility scooters.